Truist Financial Corporation (TFC) Stock Forecasts

Truist Financial Corporation (TFC) Stock Forecasts


ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) investing continues to grow. Lawrence Fink, CEO of BlackRock, which oversees approximately $9 trillion in assets, announced in January 2020 that his company would invest in companies that are making progress on sustainability. He doubled down on his efforts in his January 2021 letter, calling on company managements to disclose their plans to make their businesses “net-zero compatible” by 2050. As assets flowed in over the Over the past 40 years, sustainable impact investing has evolved. The discipline, initially known as socially responsible investing, initially focused on excluding companies that operated in South Africa or participated in sectors such as tobacco, alcohol and fire arms. The performance of these initial strategies lagged and the approach was modified. Now, instead of simply identifying sectors to avoid, the discipline promotes “sustainable” business practices across sectors that can have an “impact” on global issues such as climate, hunger, poverty, disease, housing and workers’ rights. At Argus Research, we track the ESG developments of specific companies as part of our management analysis – one of the six points of our proprietary six-point fundamental approach. In addition to reviewing and measuring the ESG disclosures of covered companies, we partner with an ESG research firm, the JUST Capital Foundation, and also leverage its analysis and insights on the topic. JUST Capital’s mission is to drive measurable change within business to create an inclusive, stakeholder-centered form of capitalism that reflects the priorities of the American public. JUST uses a combination of data-driven research and strategic engagement to attempt to change the norms and practices of American business and financial markets. JUST ESG Custom Ratings ranks Russell 1000 stocks based on these criteria on a scale of 1 to 100. Using the JUST Capital rankings, we have compiled targeted lists of companies tracked by Argus Research that are able to achieve this result.

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