Ten Stocks Demonstrating Strong Bullish Activity, Including a Magnificent 7 Titan

Ten Stocks Demonstrating Strong Bullish Activity, Including a Magnificent 7 Titan

Metaplatforms (META), Advanced microsystems (AMD), Salesforce.com (RCMP), CrowdStrike Titles (CRUD), Elie Lilly (THERE IS), CyberArk Software (CYBR), Uber Technologies (UBER), Cloud Flare (NET), Intuitive surgical (ISRG) And monday.com (MNDY) are all stocks that are experiencing bullish pullbacks towards key support.


Leading stocks often don’t make it easy to find entry, especially after an initial breakout. But a number of leaders have returned to a time limit of 50 days or 10-week moving averagesoften with increasing lines of 50 days and 10 weeks that do most of the work.

The first or second test of the 10-week line above a breakout may provide new or additional buying opportunities. These withdrawals often take place in emerging or newly created bases. Investors can often view a rebound from the 10-week line in these cases as an early entry, especially if it coincides with the clearing of short-term levels or a trendline.

Although a strong move from the 10-week line is a bullish sign, a decisive breakout is often a sell signal.

Meta Platforms and Uber shares are on sale MII classification, with CyberArk stock on the rankings watch list. META stock is activated Swing Trader. CrowdStrike, Cloudflare, Monday.com, Meta and Salesforce stocks are on sale MCI 50. Cloudflare was Monday’s IBD Stock of the Day.


Meta stock has been consolidating since hitting a record high of 523.57 on March 8, and has arguably been roughly flat since early February. The Magnificent Seven giant has found support at the 21-day line in recent weeks. On Monday, Meta rebounded slightly from the 10-week line, which finally caught up for the first time in months.

Shares rose 1.2% to 491.35 on Monday, edging slightly off highs and stopping around the 21-day line. A move above Monday’s high of 497.23 would provide a buying opportunity.

AMD Stock

AMD stock rose 1.6% Monday to 183.34, rebounding from the 50-day line and closing just below the 21-day and 10-week lines. The shares are also near the top of a short consolidation that triggered a sharp breakout in late February, which repeated a few weeks later. A move above Monday’s high of 187.24 could offer entry.

Salesforce Actions

CRM stock edged up 0.4% Monday to 302.26, just around the 21-day line and just above the 10-week line. Salesforce is about to have a flat base with a buy point of 318.71 after this week. Investors could use a descending trendline, currently around 309, or the March 21 high of 311.80 as first entries.

CrowdStrike Stock

CrowdStrike stock edged down 0.3% Monday to 319.59, finding support around the 50-day and 10-week lines. CRWD stock has seen some wild intraday swings, but investors could use 338.45 as a dividing line. point of purchase.

CyberArk Stocks

CyberArk stock fell 0.5% Monday to 264.25, but closed above the 21-day and 10-week lines. CYBR stock has a consolidation buy point of 283, according to Market increase. Investors could use 277.97 as an early entry.


Uber stock was down 0.8% at 76.40 on Monday, slightly above the 50-day line and just below the 10-week line. Investors can view the recent consolidation, following a large move, as a de facto flat base with a buy point of 82.14. Investors could use a move above the 21-day line or the 80 level as early entries.

Stocks Monday.com

Monday.com stock fell 2.2% to 221 on Monday, finding support at the 50-day line but closing below the 10-week line. MNDY stock has a flat base buy point of 239.22. Investors could use Monday’s high at 225.54 as an early entry relative to the 50-day/10-week time frame and as roughly coinciding with a short-term trendline.

Cloudflare Stock

Cloudflare stock fell 1.2% to 95.66 on Monday, slightly below the 21-day and 10-week lines. The recent consolidation follows a profit gap on February 9 on a short basis. A move above the March 21 high of 100.90 would offer early entry into a new base.

Eli Lilly Stock

Eli Lilly shares fell 2.2% to 760.55 on Monday, below the 21-day line but closing just above the 10-week line. As with Uber, investors can view Lilly’s consolidation as a de facto flat base with a buy point of 800.78. It’s set to become an official flat base after this week. Investors can use Friday’s high at 793.67 as an early entry.

Intuitive surgical stock

Intuitive Surgical stock fell 1.1% to 354.87 on Monday, finding support around the 21-day and 10-week lines. ISRG stock has been consolidating at least since early March, if not early February, after a solid advance in early 2024. Stocks have a four week tight pattern with a buy point of 403. Investors might consider this a de facto flat base.

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