Buy These 2 Stocks Now To Collect Their Next Dividend Payments

Buy These 2 Stocks Now To Collect Their Next Dividend Payments

Buy these 2 stocks now to collect their next dividend payments

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Dividend-paying stocks are indispensable in a well-diversified investment portfolio, providing regular income and minimizing overall risk. However, when looking for a good dividend stock, investors should consider more than just the dividend yield. Financial stability and sustainability of dividends are equally important factors.

After analyzing several stocks, we have identified two of the best dividend payers for 2024. By buying these quality stocks now, you can collect a dividend within the next three months.

The Allstate Company (NYSE:ALL), a high-yielding dividend stock, has paid consistent dividends for the past 14 years. With a quarterly dividend yield of 2.17% and a strong financial position, Allstate is a top choice for dividend investors. To lock in the $0.92 per share dividend, purchase the stock before the ex-dividend date of May 31, 2024.

Federal Real Estate Investment Trust (NYSE:FRT), king of dividends and real estate investment trusts (REITs), has increased its dividend payments for 56 consecutive years. With a strong balance sheet and an annual dividend of $4.36 per share, FRT is another great option. To receive the dividend payment on July 15, purchase the shares before June 21, 2024.

Diversify your income portfolio with these high-yielding options

While these dividend stocks are attractive, savvy investors should also consider alternative income investments to further diversify their portfolios. Two such options are the Ascent Income Fund and EquityMultiple’s Basecamp Alpine Notes.

THE Ascent Income Fund aims for stable income from senior commercial real estate debt positions, offering an attractive return backed by real assets. With a historic distribution yield of 12.1%, payment priority and flexible liquidity options, the Ascent Income Fund is a fundamental investment vehicle for income-oriented investors. For a limited time, new investors with EquityMultiple can invest in the Ascent Income Fund with a reduced minimum of just $5,000.

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Base Camp Alpine Notes by EquityMultiple provides another powerful short-term cash management tool, offering a target APY of 9.00% over a 3-month term with a minimum investment of just $1,000. These notes offer high liquidity and attractive rates with compound interest, making them an ideal choice for investors looking to build their real estate portfolio.

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While dividend stocks like Allstate and Federal Realty Investment Trust are great additions to your portfolio, don’t overlook the potential of alternative income investments. THE Ascent Income Fund And Base Camp Alpine Notes EquityMultiple offers unique opportunities to enhance your investment strategy and create a more diversified and resilient portfolio that can withstand all market conditions.

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