Applied Materials a Big Growth Target Going Forward

Applied Materials a Big Growth Target Going Forward

And that could continue into fiscal 2025, as AMAT’s consensus earnings estimate calls for a 13.2% rise.

HUGE is a leading materials engineering solutions provider focused on semiconductor chips and advanced displays. Some of its biggest customers are planning to expand, and governments around the world have announced funding to expand semiconductor manufacturing capacity.

It’s no wonder AMAT shares are up 36% in 2024 so far – and they could rise more. Data from MAPsignals shows how Big Money investors are betting heavily on the stock’s future performance.

Applied Materials Stock Is Sought By Big Money

Institutional volumes reveal a lot. Over the past year, AMAT has benefited from strong investor demand, which we view as institutional support.

Each green bar signals unusually large volumes of AMAT stock. They reflect our exclusive entry signal, pushing the stock higher:

Applied Materials a Big Growth Target Going Forward


Many tech names are currently being accumulated. But there is a powerful foundational context in Applied Materials.

Fundamental Analysis of Applied Materials

Institutional support and a healthy fundamental context make this company worth investigating. As you can see, AMAT has seen impressive sales and EPS growth in recent years:

Source: FactSet

It is estimated that EPS will increase this year by +15.2%.

It now makes sense that the stock has reached new highs. AMAT has a history of strong financial performance.

Combining great fundamentals with our proprietary software has made it possible to find great winning stocks over the long term.

Applied Materials has been one of the highest rated stocks at MAPsignals. This means the stock is experiencing unusual buying pressure and growing fundamentals. We have a ranking process that features stocks like this on a weekly basis.

He has been featured in the rare Top 20 report several times over the past year. The blue bars below show when AMAT was a top pick…pushing higher along the way:

Source: www.mapsignals.comSource:


Tracking unusual volumes reveals the power of financial flows.

This is a trait that most superstar actions exhibit…the best of the best. The high demand for silver determines the value of stocks.

Price forecast of applied materials

The AMAT rally is not new at all. Buying stocks with large amounts of money indicates that this should be taken note of. Given the stock’s historic price gains and strong fundamentals, this stock could be worth a place in a diversified portfolio.

Disclosure: The author does not hold any position within AMAT at the time of publication.

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