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Watch: Dolphins lead lost whale, calf back to migration route in moving video

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BRUNBURY, Western Australia – A group of dolphins recently guided a lost mother humpback whale and her calf to their migration route in Western Australia.

Researchers with the Dolphin Discovery Centre captured mesmerizing footage of the rare and unforgettable moment in the beauty of nature near Bunbury Back Beach on Oct. 18. The center said it received reports from beachgoers about an albino whale or an orca in the area. At the same time, the Parks and Wildlife Service also received calls about a distressed whale in the same location.

“Luckily, our research and conservation vessel was just hitting the water and responded to investigate,” the center said in a social media post with the video. “It took some time to find the mystic animal since it moved into (46-foot-deep) water further offshore and could only be seen when it came up to breathe.”


It turned out to be a humpback whale with a dark front and a snow-white back, accompanied by her new calf, the center said.

Researchers said they observed the animals and used a drone to ensure none were entangled or injured. Both whales were deemed healthy and were returning to their migratory path, the center said.

“For some reason, they came very close to the Bunbury coast before being guided back toward their migration route by a large group of Bunbury Back Beach Dolphins,” the center added.

During this time of year, the center said whales will migrate along Western Australia’s coastline toward Antarctica for feeding.

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