Suspect’s Family Accused of Concealing Injuries Following Preston Lord’s Death, According to Police Report

Suspect’s Family Accused of Concealing Injuries Following Preston Lord’s Death, According to Police Report

QUEEN CREEK, AZ (AZFamily) — The Queen Creek Police report on the death of Preston Lord revealed the lengths the Renner family reportedly went to hide Talan Renner’s involvement in Preston Lord’s death.

The 16-year-old was beaten after a Halloween party in October and died days later. His death led to a massive investigation in the East Valley and, ultimately, seven arrests for the murder. Arizona’s Family is going through a police report that is more than 1,000 pages long.

We’ve learned people close to the Renner family told police they made moves to conceal Talan’s injuries and Talan himself.

According to the report, Talan’s father, Travis Renner, had a longtime girlfriend who was close with the family. Though they broke up before the attack on Preston Lord, she still had access to Travis’ credit card history.

She told police after the deadly assault, Talan was taken to the family cabin in Show Low, about three hours away from where they live.

She went on to say while Talan was at the cabin, she was messaging him on Snapchat. Talan sent her a photo of himself walking the family dog, Gucci. She told police she could tell by the photo that his jaw was swollen.

The ex-girlfriend also told police that the attorney had advised the Renners to let Talan’s hands heal before bringing him back into town.

The woman described Talan as an “angry kid” and a “fighter.” She said he “holds in a lot of aggression, and “when he snaps, he snaps.”

She described Talan as muscular and “full of rage.” Because she was part of the family for a long time, she told police she cares for Talan and feels bad that he can be misunderstood, but the turning point for her was hearing about video surveillance, where Talan discusses getting away with it and the incident being “closed casket.”

Talan Renner, along with the other six suspects, have pleaded not guilty to the crime.

None of the suspect’s parents have been charged with anything related to Preston Lord’s murder.

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