Baltimore Key Bridge Collapses Following Ship Collision: Latest Updates Live

Baltimore Key Bridge Collapses Following Ship Collision: Latest Updates Live

11:18 a.m. ET, March 26, 2024

No timeline yet for reopening Baltimore port to vessel traffic

Wes Moore, center, holds a news conference near the scene where a container ship collided with a support on the Francis Scott Key Bridge, on March 26.

Steve Ruark/AP

The Port of Baltimore is closed to vessel traffic until further notice, and it’s too early to say when ships will begin calling on the port once again, Maryland Gov. Wes Moore said Monday.

“Right now our exclusive focus is on saving lives, our exclusive focus is on search and rescue,” he said at a news conference Monday.

The length of time that the channel is blocked by debris from the bridge will determine the extent of the economic impact of the accident on the local economy. While it could take years to rebuild the bridge — Moore described the process as “a long-term build” and one without a timeline as of yet. He added that removing the debris is likely to be a priority and could be accomplished much faster.

Some background: Overall, Baltimore ranks as the ninth biggest US port for international cargo. According to the Maryland state government, the port supports 15,330 direct jobs and 139,180 jobs in related services.

Until the channel is reopened, ships that had been destined for the Port of Baltimore are likely already changing course for other East Coast ports.

The DALI, the ship which hit the bridge and caused the collapse, was the only container vessel in the port at the time of the collision, but seven container vessels had been scheduled to arrive in Baltimore through Saturday, said Judah Levine, a researcher at logistics firm Freightos.

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