Tesla (TSLA) Ceases Referral Program Abruptly; New Program from Elon Musk’s Tesla Expected in Coming Months

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Tesla (TSLA) Ceases Referral Program Abruptly; New Program from Elon Musk’s Tesla Expected in Coming Months

Tesla (TSLA) announced on Friday that it’s time to end the current Referral Program. The abrupt discontinuation of this rewards program by Tesla shocked the entire community of owners, potential customers, and enthusiasts.

Tesla re-launched the last version of its 2024 Referral Program earlier this year. This included great perks like Powerwall, Solar Roof, and FSD Capability, etc.

Just after a few months, Tesla decided to halt the Referral Program surprisingly. The comparatively lower number of vehicle sales in Q1 is the most probable reason for ending this rewards program.

Along with laying off 10% of its global workforce, Tesla needed to block the money-draining points elsewhere as well. The result is the abrupt termination of the Referral Program.

“Our current referral program benefits will end after April 30 in all markets,” Tesla wrote in an official post on X (Twitter).

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However, this statement created some confusion. Tesla CEO Elon Musk poured his 2 cents to clear the fog about the Tesla Referral Program ending.

“Does this mean all current referral credits in our accounts are void after April 30th?” an influencer asked.

To which, Elon Musk replied, “No, just that new credits would not be earned until we launch a future referral program, which is a few months away”.

The new Tesla Referral Program was designed to win points rather than direct rewards. When a customer used to purchase a Tesla vehicle, they were given a unique referral code. This code can then be used by friends and family to buy a Tesla vehicle or product. Buying a Tesla product with a referral code earned reward points for both the referrer and the buyer. These points can later be used to get free products, discounts, and services like Supercharging miles, solar roof, home chargers, etc.

According to Elon Musk’s explanation, the Tesla Referral Program will freeze after 30th April 2024. No new points will be added to the referrer and buyer’s Tesla account. This means that buying Tesla vehicles or energy products with a referral code will not earn any points and only the existing points in an owner’s Tesla account will be usable. Tesla might expire these points later down the road as well or at the launch of the new program.

Tesla’s future referral program might be based on a new rewards structure. And the entire world is aware of Elon Musk‘s timelines, a few months can be next year for the launch.

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From left to right: Tesla Model 3 Highland, Tesla Model S, Cybertruck, Tesla Model X, Tesla Model Y. Credit: Courtesy of Tesla, Inc. (TSLA).

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