Warzone Season 3: Unveiling Release Date, Time, Exciting Additions like Rebirth Island and Bootcamp Mode

Warzone Season 3: Unveiling Release Date, Time, Exciting Additions like Rebirth Island and Bootcamp Mode

It’s almost that time again, as Call of Duty publisher Activision gets ready to launch a new season of content for Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone. Call of Duty Warzone Season 3 has an April 3 release date and a 5pm BST UK launch time. One of the biggest seasons for new content ever, Season 3 ushers in the return of Rebirth Island in Call of Duty Warzone. According to Activision, Rebirth Island will be instantly recognisable to veteran players, although there are some changes and secrets to discover. This includes the brand new power station (marked 06), which is said to contain small monitoring offices around a main turbine room, as well as a water-filled concrete pipe that can be used to swim to various exit points.

It’s worth pointing out that while many of the locations within Rebirth Island have become more weathered, the Konni Group occupying force has modernised many of the building interiors.

Rebirth Island also represents your new destination for Resurgence Matches, and is the home for Season 3 Call of Duty: Warzone Ranked Play: Resurgence.

Speaking of game modes, Call of Duty Warzone – Bootcamp will be available to play at the launch of Warzone Season 3.

As the name suggests, Bootcamp represents something of a training mode for new Call of Duty Warzone players.

The Quad-only training mode sees players drop into a “randomised slice of Urzikstan”. It’s supposed to help new players “build confidence for their first official drop-in”.

The mode features up to 20 players and 24 bots, making it the only Warzone mode to use bots.

It’s worth pointing out that Battle Pass progression, player and weapon XP will be limited in Bootcamp, which can’t be used to progress challenges, quests and contracts.

Additional Rebirth Island game modes will join Call of Duty Warzone during the mid-season update, which will most likely drop in May.

Elsewhere, Call of Duty Warzone fans can take part in a really fun new Public Event set in the Gulag. Titled Climb and Punishment, both players will be able to escape the Gulag by climbing ladders to safety. That’s unless they betray each other prior to, or during the climb.

New Mission Contracts include the Spy Drones mission, which involves destroying drones in a specific location and grabbing the rewards. Then there’s Resurgence Champion’s Quest, which is coming to Rebirth Island at launch.

Activision will also add some fun new features to the game, such as the ability to explore more of Rebirth Island via the water.

Activision explains more: “The last time Operators descended on Rebirth Island, the ocean was very much out of bounds. Not so in Season 3, as a variety of watercraft and the ability to swim are available to any player wanting to get their feet wet. There are now new ways to traverse land and sea, including waterlogged tunnels and even a flooded bunker to explore.”

Needless to say, fans can also purchase a new Battle Pass and unlock a variety of rewards, including Makarov and Snoop Dogg Operators upon purchasing the pass.

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