‘The Backrooms’ internet meme stems from Oshkosh hobby store

‘The Backrooms’ internet meme stems from Oshkosh hobby store

“The Backrooms,” an online meme that posits the existence of an alternate reality of endless vacant rooms, has become the springboard for a series of internet horror fiction and even an upcoming feature film. And it turns the mysterious photo that launched the phenomenon portrays the inside of an Oshkosh HobbyTown in 2003.

Dani Di Placido of Forbes broke down how “The Backrooms” caught on in digital culture and how the internet, after a lengthy search, unearthed the location of a disquieting photo that has circulated message boards for more than a decade.

The image itself is a simple series of … well, it looks like back rooms, obviously. Yellow carpeting, off-white wallpaper and yellow, fluorescent overhead lighting. The image became the central component of a “creepypasta,” or horror-related legend circulated online, that suggested people could “no-clip” (basically teleport) into the extradimensional space, outside our own reality and get trapped in the endless space where untold dangers awaited.

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