Snapchat AI turns prompts into new lens

Snapchat AI turns prompts into new lens

Snapchat offered an early look at its upcoming on-device AI model capable of transforming a user’s surroundings with augmented reality (AR). The new model will eventually let creators turn a text prompt into a custom lens — potentially opening the door for some wild looks to try on and send to friends.

You can see how this might look in the GIF below, which shows a person’s clothing and background transforming in real-time based on the prompt “50s sci-fi film.” Users will start seeing lenses using this new model in the coming months, while creators can start making lenses with the model by the end of this year, according to TechCrunch.

Additionally, Snapchat is rolling out a suite of new AI tools that could make it easier for creators to make custom augmented reality (AR) effects. Some of the tools now available with the latest Lens Studio update include new face effects that let creators write a prompt or upload an image to create a custom lens that completely transforms a user’s face.

The suite also includes a feature, called Immersive ML, that applies a “realistic transformation over the user’s face, body, and surroundings in real time.” Other AI tools coming to Lens Studio allow lens creators to generate 3D assets based on a text or image prompt, create face masks and textures, as well as make 3D character heads that mimic a user’s expression.

This is Snapchat’s “Immersive ML” effect using the prompt “Matisse Style Painting.”
Image: Snapchat

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