Report: PS5 Pro Rumored to Include Enhancements for Resolution, Frame Rate, and Ray Tracing

Report: PS5 Pro Rumored to Include Enhancements for Resolution, Frame Rate, and Ray Tracing

Sony will brand games with a PS5 Pro “Enhanced” label if they go the extra mile to support its upgraded machine, a new Insider Gaming report claims. In keeping with promotional efforts seen for the PS4 Pro during the last generation, such a badge is said to feature if a studio applies just one of a few different enhancements to its pre-existing or future title.

To earn the PS5 Pro “Enhanced” label, it’s reported a developer must apply one of the following upgrades to a game:

  • A better “target resolution” on PS5 Pro than that of the “fixed resolution” on the standard PS5 model
  • An improved “target maximum resolution” on PS5 over a “variable resolution” featured on the base PS5 system
  • Increased frame rate target on PS5 Pro that’s better than the “fixed frame rate” seen on the original PS5
  • The use of PS5 Pro’s ray tracing features

If a development team applies any one of these enhancements to its game, then the “Enhanced” tag will come into use, it’s claimed by the outlet.

However, in general, it’s suggested Sony wants teams — both internally and from third-parties — to offer a graphical mode exclusive to PS5 Pro that combines an upscaled 4K resolution through the use of its DLSS-like PlayStation Spectral Resolution system with a “constant” 60 frames-per-second. Ray tracing effects would then either be added or enhanced on top.

According to previous Insider Gaming reporting, this exclusive graphics mode will be possible on PS5 Pro due to a GPU (graphics processing unit) that’s up to three times faster than the base model and speedier RAM. With Sony reportedly targeting a Holiday 2024 launch, it’s said developers under the PlayStation Studios banner have had access to a PS5 Pro devkit since September 2023, and third-parties received theirs in January.

Sony’s first rodeo with the PS4 Pro saw the upgraded system launch with enhanced titles like Dishonored 2, Battlefield 1, The Last of Us Remastered, and Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. After release, the majority of first-party titles supported the improved system and many other developers went back and patched in upgrades for past games. What games do you hope receive PS5 Pro support? Share your wishlist in the comments below.

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