PS5 Introduces Convenient Game Clip Feature, Assisting Fellow Players

PS5 Introduces Convenient Game Clip Feature, Assisting Fellow Players

Sony is introducing a new Community Game Help feature on the PS5 later this year that is designed to automatically create clips that can help other players. PS5 players will be able to automatically upload gameplay to help contribute to hint videos provided by game developers.

The opt-in experience will let your PS5 automatically capture a game clip when you complete an activity in supported titles. “Then, it will be reviewed by a moderator, and if approved, your video will be published as a Game Help hint for PlayStation players to watch, learn from, and rate,” explains Sabrina Meditz, senior director of product management for the PS5 platform experience.

PS5 players will get a notification if their clip is used.
Image: Sony

PS5 players will be able to use the clips to help complete trophies or find hidden items in a game, instead of having to head to YouTube and scan through videos to find help. These new community clips will build on top of Sony’s existing Game Help section that includes access to hints, tips, and walkthrough videos from developers.

The video clips will be removed from a PS5 console once they’re uploaded to Sony’s servers, and if a clip is approved and published, you’ll get a notification on your PS5 that your gameplay is now published as a Game Help hint. No audio from a webcam, microphone, or party chat will be included in the clips. There will be a published video section where you can then remove any clips.

“Community Game Help will start to become available in select games later this year, and our goal is to expand it to as many titles as possible in the future,” says Meditz.

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