New Indiana Jones Game Trailer Nails The Feel Of The Movies

New Indiana Jones Game Trailer Nails The Feel Of The Movies

Screenshot: Bethesda / Xbox

Today, during the Xbox Summer Game Fest showcase, we got a new extended trailer for Indiana Jones and the Great Circle. The new trailer not only looks great, but it also includes an extended scene that feels like it was ripped right out of an Indiana Jones film.

Here’s the trailer:

Bethesda / Xbox

In the new trailer, which features a mix of old footage we saw earlier this year and some new gameplay, Indy and his partner are in the Himalayas looking for a very important stone. Of course, the Nazis are there and they quickly interrupt the duo inside a snowy base. Indy’s partner gets away while the famous adventurer, voiced by Troy Baker, is caught. What then happens is some classic Indy shenanigans, with an evil Nazi insulting Jones and America while someone just offscreen listens in and gets ready to save the day. At one point the Nazi commander seems to directly reference Steamboat Willie? I’m not sure. Regardless, this new scene has me excited to play Great Circle.

Something that really impressed me in this trailer, which is also something we noted back in January when we got our first look at the game, is just how good the faces in Indiana Jones and the Great Circle look. They animate and move realistically, but don’t fall into the trap of the uncanny valley.

I also think Baker’s Harrison Ford impression isn’t too bad. In fact, sometimes, I forgot it wasn’t Ford voicing this digital version of the famous adventurer. I’ll be curious to see how I settle in with the new voice through the entirety of the first-person action-adventure game, which will also feature some third-person segments and moments, too.

Indiana Jones and the Great Circle is still set to arrive sometime in 2024 on Xbox and PC. It will also be available on day one via Game Pass.


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