Microsoft Teams Enhances its Capabilities with Advanced Copilot AI Features

Microsoft Teams Enhances its Capabilities with Advanced Copilot AI Features

Microsoft is improving the way its AI-powered Copilot works in Microsoft Teams with new ways to invoke the assistant during meeting chats, summaries, and more.

Copilot is already able to summarize Teams meetings, but in the coming months, it will combine spoken transcripts and written chats into a single view to make it easier to catch up on meetings you might have missed.

Copilot in Teams is also getting improvements to composing messages in chat, allowing Teams users to rewrite a message in new ways. “Copilot can adjust your message to add a call to action, or like how a pirate would speak,” says Microsoft in a blog post. “Soon, you will also be able to generate a new message based on the context in the Teams chat.”

Copilot inside a Microsoft Teams meeting.
Image: Microsoft

Intelligent call recap for traditional Teams calls direct to phones “will be generally available next quarter with Teams Premium,” according to Microsoft. Intelligent call recap will automatically take notes during calls, allowing you to summarize a phone call and see follow-up actions without having to awkwardly take notes.

All of these AI improvements to Microsoft Teams are small on their own, but they add up to a more flexible Copilot inside Teams. The Copilot integration in Teams is already one of the more impressive examples of Microsoft’s AI integration into Office apps, with the ability to quickly recap meetings thanks to summaries that can even tell you exactly when you were mentioned in a meeting.

Copilot even has speaker recognition in Teams.
Image: Microsoft

Beyond Microsoft’s continued Copilot push in Teams, Microsoft is also launching new hybrid meeting features inside Teams that are designed to improve the experience for remote and in-room participants. Automatic camera switching for the IntelliFrame feature in Teams Rooms is coming later this year. It will use AI to select the best camera in a meeting room, which could be from room cameras or even laptops. It’s designed to automatically switch the camera view so remote participants can get the best view, especially if a particular camera is obstructed.

Speaker recognition will also be available for any microphone in Teams Rooms in an April preview, which will let you enroll your voice and face profile so anything you say in a Teams meeting is picked up correctly in transcripts.

Finally, Microsoft has some new carriers supporting its Teams Phone Mobile feature that lets you have a single number for Teams and your mobile device. “We are excited to announce that several new partners including AT&T, Odido, Virgin Media O2, and Vodafone UK will begin offering Teams Phone Mobile later this year,” says Microsoft.

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