Google Promotes Pixel 8 on Search Homepage with ‘Upgrade now’ Prompt

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Google Promotes Pixel 8 on Search Homepage with ‘Upgrade now’ Prompt has historically been used to advertise new first-party hardware and features. We’re now seeing a “Try the new Google Pixel 8” message on the Search homepage that wants you to “Upgrade now.”

Instead of appearing below the search bar, this prompt is in the top-right corner: “Built with Pixel’s most advanced chip and Google Al to help you do more.” Highlighting Tensor G3 and AI features is not too surprising, especially with this week’s Gemini Nano development, but the camera definitely deserves a nod.

Tapping takes you to instead of directly to the Pixel 8 or 8 Pro listing. 

Featuring the Google logo at the left, those types of messages are usually reserved for encouraging you to sign-in or making sure your account is secure. This appears to be a generic message as there already is a Pixel 8 associated with the Google Account getting the upgrade message. 

Meanwhile, the mid-cycle timing of this promotion is a bit interesting, though it comes as both devices are seeing their deepest first-party discounts (by $50). This Google Store’s spring sale ends on April 6:

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