Gallery: 13 Awesome Details We Spotted In The Legend Of Zelda’s Great Deku Tree LEGO Set

Gallery: 13 Awesome Details We Spotted In The Legend Of Zelda’s Great Deku Tree LEGO Set

Details In The Zelda Deku Tree LEGO Set


Image: LEGO

Shalaka lala! Yes, everyone’s favourite inventory-expanding Korok, Hestu, features on the BOTW side of the set. He looks just about as you’d expect, but we’re pleased to see that his maracas made the cut.


It wouldn’t be a BOTW-inspired build without some Koroks and we have spotted three of ’em in different Lego forms. It looks like they range in size from small to… not-so-small and each has a unique leaf mask to match. We’re sure there will be a couple more — and that people will have fun recreating their Tears of the Kingdom Korok torture devices out of Lego bricks..

‘Riddles of Hyrule’

LEGO Zelda Deku Tree - Korok Tree
Image: LEGO

Speaking of Koroks, remember the ‘Riddles of Hyrule’ side quest in BOTW? The one that required you to repeatedly get items for Walton, a curious Korok atop the Deku Tree? Look closely at the top of this set and you will spot him there. He even has the answer to his “Small, red, round, sweet” riddle with him (spoiler: it’s an apple).

Glowing Master Sword

LEGO Zelda Deku Tree - Master Sword
Image: LEGO

We weren’t surprised to see the Master Sword pop up here, but we were impressed to see that the blade is a near-translucent blue, much like its glowing appearance at various points in Breath of the Wild. The glowing power is usually a sign that you’re near a dungeon or a Guardian, neither of which appear in Lego form… yet… We’re looking forward to building the Water Temple out of Lego.

Sword in the Stone

Another fun Master Sword detail is that it seemingly comes with its Korok Forest pedestal in the BOTW build — you can see it at around 11 seconds in. Let’s just hope that you don’t need 13 hearts to pull it out.

Teeny, tiny Ocarina

LEGO Zelda Deku Tree - Ocarina
Image: LEGO

Accompanying the Ocarina of Time Minifigures is a teeny, tiny ocarina brick. It might not be the most surprising addition, but it is very cute.


LEGO Zelda Deku Tree - Skulltula
Image: LEGO

A Lego Skulltula is hiding around the back of the OOT Deku Tree, guarding a hidden chest. The treasure chest is home to the Fairy Slingshot in adorable Lego form, but we’ll have to wait for the spider-like beastie to spin around before we make a dash for it.

Sheikah Slate

LEGO Zelda Deku Tree - Sheikah Slate
Image: LEGO

The Princess Zelda Minifigure holds her very own Sheikah Slate. A sweet accessory, yes, but it looks even neater plugged into the Deku Tree ‘terminal’.

Triforce Tunic

LEGO Zelda Deku Tree - Minifig
Image: LEGO

While we’re talking about Princess Zelda’s Minifig, check out the detailing on her tunic! Modelled on her BOTW design, some neat gold and white line work is going on here and we’re particularly impressed by the tiny Triforce in the middle.

Deku Sprout

LEGO Zelda Deku Tree - Deku Sprout
Image: LEGO

The OOT set comes with not one, but two Deku Trees. Kinda. Aside from the titular tree, this build also includes a cute little Deku Sprout. Does this mean that the big fella in the background is dead already? We’ll try not to think too hard about it…

Gossip Stone

LEGO Zelda Deku Tree - Gossip Stone
Image: LEGO

Amongst the OOT set’s foliage lies a Gossip Stone. There looks to be unique faceplate brick for the front and you’ll build up the stone’s body with individual bricks at the back.

Cooking Pot

LEGO Zelda Deku Tree - Cooking Pot
Image: LEGO

We wouldn’t believe that this was BOTW Link if he wasn’t cooking up some ‘shrooms. Well, he is! The BOTW build looks to have a cosy cooking station right underneath the Great Deku Tree.

LEGO Zelda Deku Tree - Navi
Image: LEGO

Finally, we have fairies! We have often wondered what a Lego Zelda fairy would look like. Well, here’s the answer. It looks like Navi (or another random Kokiri fairy) will make up a part of the OOT set, represented by a blue stud on a printed translucent circular piece. It’s perhaps not the most elegant solution, but it sure looks good. There’s also a normal, bottle-ready fairy in the ‘Riddles of Hyrule’ section. Very nice.

There’s everything that we’ve spotted, but us there anything else? Let us know your favourite feature in the comments.

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