Do you even want to buy the Galaxy Ring? [Poll]

Do you even want to buy the Galaxy Ring? [Poll]

Samsung is set to debut the Galaxy Ring in a matter of weeks. Knowing all that you do right now before launch, would you buy the Galaxy Ring?

Rings as wearables are such a cool concept. One of the largest manufacturers of successful smart rings is Oura, which is developing a third-generation product. That said, the wearable category is still in its infancy, with companies like Samsung technically not in the game yet.

What that also means is that there is likely a lot to improve about the type of wearable. We’ve detailed our thoughts on the Oura Ring and how we think it’ll stack up to the Galaxy Ring, but its clear that everyone has distinguishing preferences.

Where will the Galaxy Ring stand?

One of the gatekeeping factors for many was the idea that a smart ring would have to come with a subscription, which Oura has set in place. It was originally thought that the Galaxy Ring would avoid that direction, instead offering health-tracking features that users have become used to for free.

According to recent leaks and rumors, Samsung might be following in Oura’s footsteps and offering access to the Galaxy Ring’s features for a similar $5.99/month. This is a pretty big mistake, in my opinion. The lack of a monthly fee was the only edge Samsung would likely have on the Oura Ring, as it won’t pack the same amount of features and still may end up costing upwards of $300 to buy the Galaxy Ring.

To pile on, Samsung’s ring likely won’t integrate as well with Android phones besides Samsung’s Galaxy devices and is more unlikely to work with Apple’s iPhone models.

However, those that own a Galaxy phone will likely largely benefit from the Galaxy Ring in a way that most users won’t. It’ll probably offer a tailored experience that Oura can’t because of its natural place in Samsung’s ecosystem.

Another small note that might be hard to pick out amongst the limited imagery available is the actual design of the band. Instead of a rounded diameter that’s larger in the middle, the ring is actually concave. The material is thinnest in the middle of the band. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of the design. I could be misjudging it before it’s available to put on, though.

Is the Galaxy Ring on your wishlist?

No matter what we know surrounding the Galaxy Ring, the fact remains that it’ll be the first of its kind from a massive manufacturer that has a rather strong track record of developing good hardware.

So are you going to buy the Galaxy Ring when it’s announced, presumably next month?

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