Dexerto Presents: A Comprehensive Overwatch 2 Venture Guide – Unveiling Abilities, Ultimate, Tips, and More

Dexerto Presents: A Comprehensive Overwatch 2 Venture Guide – Unveiling Abilities, Ultimate, Tips, and More
Jeremy Gan

Overwatch 2’s newest DPS hero Venture is finally here, and they bring a very unique brawl kit that’s suited for all the aggressive players. So from a look at their abilities to our top tips, here’s the full guide on how to master Venture. 

Venture was first teased at BlizzCon 2023, alongside Mauga and Space Ranger. Since then, Mauga has already firmly embedded himself in Overwatch 2’s meta. And after Mauga’s ever-so-controversial meta takeover comes Venture in Season 10

Venture brings with them quite a unique kit as one of the strongest brawlers we’ve seen in the game since the original Doomfist was released in Overwatch 1, Venture thrives off getting up close and personal with enemies. 

Not only that, some combos Venture can pull off with their abilities are genuinely stunning, perhaps enough to give some OG players a proper Doomfist flashback. 

So here is everything you need to know about Venture, from their abilities, weapons, ultimate, and some tips on how to play them too. 

Venture’s weapon in Overwatch 2

Only housing eight bullets in the chamber, Venture’s weapon, Smart Excavator, may not seem like a whole lot on the surface. However, one of the most unique things about it is that it doesn’t deal critical damage, similar to Sigma’s Hyperspheres. 

Because of that, no matter where on the target you hit it, it always deals the same damage. Additionally, its range doesn’t go very far, roughly 18-19 meters from our tests, so be aware that it doesn’t suit long-range fights.


Smart Excavator

  • Launch a seismic charge that bursts after a short distance

Overwatch 2 Venture abilities

If there is one important thing to take from Venture’s kit, it’s that the closer you are to your opponent, the more effective it will be. 

Venture’s kit excels at both getting into close-quarter combat, but also getting out of it. Burrow is a great engagement, and disengagement tool, as it allows you to move underground for four seconds while invulnerable. Not only that, it can deal damage upon emerging. 

Drill Dash is also another great engagement tool, as it dashes forwards, dealing both damage and knockback, making it ideal to initiate a team fight. Not only that, their passive also rewards aggressiveness. 

Explorer’s Resolve grants temporary shields for using abilities, giving you some breathing room with your engages, and Clobber increases the damage dealt with quick melee. 

Venture’s ultimate too is a great zoning tool, damaging and slightly knocking up any opponents hit by it. 


Explorer’s Resolve

  • Using abilities grants temporary shields


  • Quick melee deals more damage



Overwatch 2 Burrow screencap
  • Move underground and become invulnerable. Emerge to deal damage

Drill Dash

Overwatch 2 Venture Drill Dash screencap
  • Dash forward, pushing enemies back


Overwatch 2 Venture Tectonic shock screencap

Tectonic Shock

  • Send out damaging shockwaves

Tips for using Venture in Overwatch 2

As you can tell based on observing their abilities, Venture is as brawl-y as a hero can get, and because of it, Venture will really only be good in certain scenarios. However, against certain comps, maybe not so much.

So here are some of our observations from experimenting with Venture’s abilities and playstyle

  • Because Smart Excavator doesn’t do critical damage, there is no need to aim at the head at all. It is best to either aim at the body or legs to more consistently hit shots. 
  • With only eight bullets and a relatively short range, always be aware of how far away your target is, as it is very hard to deal poke damage.
  • Their melee deals a high amount of damage, albeit in a slow fashion, so make sure you are combo-ing it with your weapon and abilities. 
  • Venture’s strongest damage combo is shooting an enemy and immediately using Drill Dash to damage them. This combo can kill an enemy Tracer within a second, and adding a second shot after the Drill Dash can kill almost any squishy Support or DPS.
  • Burrow is a fantastic ability to either engage into or disengage from a fight. Make sure to use it to either get out of a tricky situation or engage with an enemy. 
  • Drill Dash can be combo-ed with Burrow effectively. You can either use it while underground, giving you a dash to further your travel and knock enemies up, or right after emerging to instantly dash into an enemy to damage them right after knocking them up. 
  • Drill Dash will dash you in any direction, even upwards, so use it to get the high ground whenever you can.
  • Tectonic Shock is a fantastic ability to zone out enemies. It can deal a lot of damage, however, its ability to create space by separating the enemy team. It’s especially effective against Kiriko’s Kitsune Rush as several well-placed shots can deter the enemy team from engaging through the Rush. 
  • Because Venture thrives off close-quarter brawls, they will struggle on Poke-centric maps like Circuit Royale and Havana, or against Poke comps.

And there you have it! That is everything you need to know about Venture! As of writing, Venture has just entered their limited trial, so once we get more time with them, we will include more tips in this guide.

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