Dexerto: Helldivers 2 gamers urge caution when provoking Game Master during prosperous times

Dexerto: Helldivers 2 gamers urge caution when provoking Game Master during prosperous times
Ethan Dean

Some Helldivers 2 players have gotten cocky while the galaxy is clear but others have cautioned them against drawing the gaze of Game Master Joel.

Helldivers 2 players are on a legendary run right now after clearing consecutive Major Orders. Unlocking devastating combat mechs and liberating the Umlaut Sector with industrial quantities of Termicide.

Despite this, most Helldivers have the machinations of the notorious Game Master Joel firmly in mind. Some players are even concerned that Joel may turn their victories into new horrors.

Despite these fears, some Helldivers 2 fans just can’t resist rubbing their mostly peaceful galaxy in Joel’s face. X user malphier took to the platform to brag about the defenders of Super Earth’s recent performance but more wary players have begged them not to antagonize the infamous Game Master.

The player’s post almost reads like a direct challenge to the man behind the ebbs and flows of the Galactic War. “I guess Joel isn’t all that after all,” they teased.

They aren’t the only player celebrating. “Looks like this Galactic War will be over before my birthday,” one player speculated. Another posited that they’d be home with their families by “Super Christmas”.

Not everyone is so confident and they’re warning @malphier and others not to get ahead of themselves. “For the love of all that is democratic, don’t p**s off space god!” a more cautious Helldiver urged.

“Why would you tempt fate like that?” another player asked. Many more gave messages of temperance in the face of Joel’s potential backlash.

It’s all fun and games until Joel gives the bugs nukes…

For our money, we think tempting Joel is unwise given the unfathomable power he wields over the outcomes of Helldivers 2’s Galactic War.

We’ll have to wait and see if this gloating has drawn his ire and, if so, what horrors he might unleash on players for their hubris.

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