Big New PS5, PC Shooter Concord Has an Uphill Battle Ahead of It

Big New PS5, PC Shooter Concord Has an Uphill Battle Ahead of It

But the reaction online to the release’s big reveal has been brutal to say the least. Many are pointing to the YouTube dislike bar, which is overwhelmingly negative – although our understanding is that this data isn’t entirely accurate these days, and is extrapolated from interactions by those who’ve installed a browser extension. Nevertheless, you’re looking at approximately 80 per cent downvotes.

The comments on YouTube are even more eye-watering. “Game has aged like milk and it isn’t even out yet,” one user wrote in response to the gameplay reveal. Another added: “One week after this game drops: we’re sorry this game didn’t meet your expectations. Six months later: shuts down.” It’s unbelievably harsh stuff, but perceptions like this do tend to stick.

The good news for Sony and Firewalk is that a beta is right around the corner, and all it will take is some great gameplay to turn things around. It’s also worth remembering that, if you’d asked anyone five months ago whether Helldivers 2 would be a success, they’d probably say no. It’s since gone on to outpace Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and become the fastest-selling PS Studios title in history.


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