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Market Clubhouse Morning Memo – October 17th, 2023 (Trade Strategy For SPY, QQQ, AAPL, MSFT, NFLX, TSLA, And NVDA) By Benzinga

Market Clubhouse Morning Memo – October 17th, 2023 (Trade Strategy For SPY, QQQ, AAPL, MSFT, NFLX, TSLA, And NVDA) By Benzinga

Benzinga – by RIPS, Benzinga Contributor.

Good Morning Traders! In today’s Market Clubhouse Morning Memo, we will discuss SPY, QQQ, AAPL, MSFT, NFLX, TSLA, and NVDA.

Our proprietary formula, exclusive to Market Clubhouse, dictates these price levels. This dynamic equation takes into account price, volume, and options flow. These levels are updated every day and shared with all Clubhouse Members during our daily Morning Call, prior to the opening of the market.

We recommend closely monitoring these stocks, and be prepared to leverage potential breakouts or reversals. As always, stay alert and ready to adjust your tactics based on the market’s pulse to optimize your trading gains. Now, let’s dive into the stock analysis:

SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust
The SPY (ARCA: SPY) is currently trading around our level of 434.66. For a positive outcome, an initial move to 435.06 is desirable. If the price remains robust above 435.06, we anticipate buyers elevating the price to our support mark of 435.59. Should 435.59 sustain during the regular trading hours, a further push above 436.51 is expected. Our ambitious target for SPY today stands at 437.02.

If the support at 434.66 gives way, we anticipate a bearish tilt towards 434.13 to evaluate its strength. Should sellers dominate, a further dip to 433.75 is likely. A breach of this level on significant selling reveals a firm support at 433.27. A fierce sell-off could drive the price down to our bearish target for the day at 432.91.

Invesco QQQ Trust Series 1
Currently, the Q’s (NASDAQ: QQQ) are trading around our pivotal level of 368.57. For a bullish scenario, maintaining a level above 368.57 is crucial. If this level stays firm, 369.39 could emerge as a strong support. Persistent buying could bring 370.08 into focus. With a strong buying drive, a test of 370.91 on the upside is likely. Our optimistic target for the Q’s today is 371.96.

Should the trading face resistance in sustaining above 368.57 today, a bearish takeover is expected, pushing the price down to 367.52. If the weakness persists, 366.69 could be tested next. A continued sell-down may see 366.15 being tested, and if it doesn’t hold, a slide down to our bearish target for the day at 365.59 is foreseen.

Apple Inc.
Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) is trading around our marker of 178.18. For the bulls, a support at 178.61 is desirable. A rally to 179.36 is hoped for, and with sustained momentum, a further climb to 180.10 is possible. If the bulls dominate today, a push towards our optimistic target at 180.60 is likely.

If the support at 178.18 crumbles, a descent to 177.31 is expected. Prolonged selling could push the price down to 176.84. If this level is breached, a bearish drive towards our pessimistic target for the day at 176.29 is anticipated.

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Microsoft Corp.
Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) is trading around our support level of 331.24. Bullish aspirations hinge on maintaining a level above 331.24, aiming for a rally to 333.46, and establishing it as support. A firm hold here could catalyze a rally targeting 335.96. Sustained buying could propel the price towards our bullish target for the day at 337.80.

Should 331.24 fail to hold as support, a bearish dip to 328.52 is expected. A breach here could extend the descent to 326.05. With continued bearish pressure, a push down to our pessimistic target for the day at 324.81 is likely.

Netflix Inc.
Netflix (NASDAQ: NFLX) is trading around our level of 360.22. For a bullish outlook, holding 360.22 as support and advancing to 362.64 is ideal. Continued momentum could drive the price towards our bullish target of 365.98.

Failure to hold 360.22 as support could see a bearish slide to 355.68. Intense selling could further push the price down to our bearish target for the day at 351.94.

Tesla Inc.
Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) is trading around our crucial level of 252.38. Bullish hopes lie in a push to 254.28 and establishing it as a sturdy support. An upside drive could propel the price to 257.56. With sustained buying, a rally towards our bullish target for the day at 259.81 is possible.

If 252.38 doesn’t sustain as a strong support, a bearish test to 250.25 is anticipated. Continued selling could bring 248.37 into play. A breach here, under strong selling, could drive the price down to our bearish target for the day at 246.16.

NVIDIA Corporation
NVIDIA (NASDAQ: NVDA) is trading around our key level of 454.09. Bullish ambitions are pegged on a push to 458.20 and consolidating it as support. On the upside, a push to 461.49 is desired. Continued buying could rally the price towards our bullish target for the day at 464.95.

Failure to hold 454.09 could see a bearish probe to 450.04. If this level is breached amid selling, a slide to 447.05 is likely. Should bears dominate, a further test at 444.38 is expected, with a potential slide to our bearish target for the day at 442.76, under persistent selling pressure.

Final Word: Today’s trading focus revolves around data releases and Federal Reserve speakers. Adhering to your trading plan and maintaining discipline is imperative. Stay alert and vigilant throughout the session. Good luck today, traders!

The Morning Memo is curated by RIPS, a pro trader with years of experience in equities, options, and futures trading. RIPS is at the heart of the exclusive Market Clubhouse community, offering his insights, expertise, and real-time mentorship.

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