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SDOG: The Mean Reversion Play (NYSEARCA:SDOG)

SDOG: The Mean Reversion Play (NYSEARCA:SDOG)

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THE ALPS Sector Dividend Dog ETF (NYSEARCA:SDOG) is an interesting fund to consider starting in 2024. This fund has caught the attention of many thanks to its innovative approach to portfolio construction, and could be a big winner in the future.

Markets are not as efficient as conventional wisdom would have us believe. Discrepancies often appear between market signals and investor reactions, which helps determine whether we are in a “risky” or “risk-free” environment.

THE Lead-lag ratio can give you an edge in reading the market so you can make asset allocation decisions based on award-winning research. I’ll give you the signals: It’s up to you whether you should go on the offensive (i.e., add exposure to risky assets such as stocks when risk is “on”) or play defense (i.e., lean toward more conservative assets such as stocks). as bonds/cash when risk is “off”).

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