Citigroup Raises NVDA Price Target to $1,030 Amid Heightened GTC Excitement

Citigroup Raises NVDA Price Target to ,030 Amid Heightened GTC Excitement

In a notable gust of recent developments, with the commencement of Nvidia’s much-awaited GTC conference this week, the GPU manufacturer giant marked a monumental milestone across the global AI landscape, nabbing significant attention. Aligning with its staging as a pioneer with the abovementioned conference, a stockpile of Wall Street analysts raised price targets for NVDA, fueling immense market optimism for the firm across the industry.

Amid this flurry of analysts, Citigroup, Deutsche Bank, and Goldman Sachs, among many others, significantly boosted NVDA’s price targets today. Meanwhile, NVDA stock was valued at $890.69 as of press time.

GTC Fuels Optimism

Nvidia’s GTC conference comes pivotal for the firm, marking the company’s first-ever public event since the pandemic. As a result, the event eyed marking a paradigm shift within the industry with the launch of remarkable new products. Concerning this, Nvidia unveiled its groundbreaking AI super chip Blackwell at this conference.

Meanwhile, with the conference underscoring the company’s immense potential to grow and evolve further, Nvidia propelled immense market optimism, further highlighted by the abovementioned firms’ newly raised price targets. Notably, Citigroup boosted the PT from $820 to $1,030, whereas Deutsche Bank and Goldman Sachs raised PTs from $720 to $850 and $1,000, respectively. Moreover, even Piper Sandler alleviated the PT from $850 to $1,050.

This propelled immense optimism on NVDA, curating anticipation of continued burgeoning growth. Simultaneously, as spotlighted by Jim Cramer, the host of Mad Money, Nvidia is ready to bring about the next ‘industrial revolution,’ with its recent AI super chip launch weighing in. This collectively paints an optimistic outlook for Nvidia in the near future.

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Nvidia Forges Ahead As Trailblazer

The GPU manufacturing giant unveiled a plethora of new technologies at its GTC conference this week, with CEO Jensen Huang spotlighting these developments in his keynote speech. Varying from AI super chips to a foundational model for humanoid robots, Nvidia showcased the firm’s immense growth since its last publicly held conference.

With the launch of the Blackwell AI super chip, coupled with the community’s pioneering stance within the industry, market experts expect Nvidia to cushion its positioning further within the realm of AI. Intriguingly, Nvidia also emerged as the one-stop for investors looking to branch into AI-based crypto tokens.

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