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Microsoft has ‘first mover advantage’ in 365 Copilot launch

by Hataf Finance
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Microsoft (MSFT) is set to launch its new 365 Copilot AI assistance — could this be the tech giant’s iPhone moment?

Brent Bracelin, Piper Sandler Co-Head of Technology Research, Cloud Apps & Analytics, joins Yahoo Finance Live to break down what this development could mean for Microsoft. Bracelin notes that Microsoft appears to have a “first-mover advantage”— similar to Apple (AAPL) and their iPhone launch. Hopeful, Bracelin believes that the software could “change the future of work.”

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Video Transcript

Microsoft is gearing up for the launch of its 365 Copilot tomorrow, the company’s latest push into generative AI, Deeper, we should say, and our next guest says the tech giant could have an iPhone moment on his hands. Brent Bracelin, Piper Sandler co-head of technology research, cloud apps, and analytics joins us now. So, Brent, take us through what about this makes it the iPhone moment for Microsoft.

BRENT BRACELIN: Sure. So if you think about the mobile movement and the smartphone movement, rarely– excuse me, rarely do you see the largest companies actually monetize that opportunity. We’re at basically this juncture point here with generative AI, a new AI technology where Microsoft has a first mover advantage. It’s the largest software company, one of the largest tech companies in the world. They actually have a first mover advantage. So similar to iPhone and the opportunity that that brought for Apple, we see a similar opportunity where Microsoft, specifically with 365 Copilot, can really change the future of work.

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