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Meta’s celebrity chatbots could blur the line between AI and real people

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In September 20023, Meta announced 28 new AI chatbots. Some are played by celebrities including Snoop Dogg, Tom Brady, Kendall Jenner, Naomi Osaka, Paris Hilton and Chris Paul.

Facebook and Instagram owner Meta has launched a new way for you to interact with so-called AI chatbots. Except, this time, they’re a little different. For one, they’re played by real celebrities.

That’s right. Meta reportedly paid millions for some of the biggest names around to “act out” different AI characters that you can chat with. You’ve got Paris Hilton playing a detective, Naomi Osaka talking anime, Kendal Jenner as the big sister you never had, Snoop Dogg as a Dungeons-and-Dragons-style dungeon master and Tom Brady as a wise-cracking sports debater.

So, what does it mean that you can now talk to your favorite celebrities-in-disguise the same way you might talk to your friends?

Arizona State University communications professor Liesel Sharabi, who studies emerging technologies and their effects on communication and relationships, spoke with The Show about the chatbots.

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