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A meta physical art experience comes to Charleston – Charleston City Paper

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Friday through Sunday, the downtown art gallery called The Space on Heriot Street will host an art experience which is programmed to measure and react to changes in the brainwaves of a viewer’s frontal lobe.

HYACINTHE is a multi-sensory visual and audio experience by Matthew Lessner, an American artist based in Amsterdam. The work uses modified neurofeedback technology using EEG headbands (wearable devices for electroencephalography), allowing visitors to engage in a “participatory cinematic moment with visual changes that occur through the assessment of brainwaves in the prefrontal cortex.” 

Put simply: Each individual viewer will have a unique, psychedelic and surprising experience based on their own brain waves.

Our thoughts shape our reality 

Lessner said the project is inspired by the age-old idea that our thoughts can shape our reality. He hopes to make viewers aware of the personal power and agency they have in creating their own perception and reality.

“I realized, through the implementation of this technology, there could be the capacity to explore that concept in a more immediate sense instead of in the abstract way we know it,” he said. “So in a way, there is the ability within this project for the viewer to experience in real time the way in which their thoughts or lack of thoughts are impacting something.”

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