Volkswagen Teams Up with Mobileye for Advanced Autonomous Vehicles, Investing in Level 4 Technology

Volkswagen Teams Up with Mobileye for Advanced Autonomous Vehicles, Investing in Level 4 Technology

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HANOVER, Germany – Volkswagen AG (OTC:), through its subsidiary Volkswagen (ETR:) ADMT GmbH, announced a collaboration with Mobileye Global (NASDAQ:) Inc., a leader in autonomous driving technology, to commercialize Level 4 autonomous vehicles.

The agreement involves the integration of Mobileye’s autonomous driving system into Volkswagen’s electric ID. Buzz AD, aiming for deployment in mobility and transport services by 2026.

The partnership leverages Mobileye’s expertise in software, hardware components and digital mapping to enable identification. Buzz AD to operate autonomously in specific urban areas. The vehicle will be equipped with advanced technologies including high-performance computers, cameras, lidar, radar and constant online connectivity for real-time data and map updates.

Christian Senger, Member of the Board of Management of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, highlighted the importance of this collaboration in the development of the first fully autonomous large-scale production vehicle. The move is part of Volkswagen’s strategy to respond to the growing demand for autonomous mobility solutions and the logistics sector’s challenge of driver shortages.

Identity. The development of Buzz AD benefits from shared automated driving systems within the Volkswagen Group, enabling synergies between different levels of automation. The vehicle is part of a broader initiative within the group, which includes MOIA’s carpooling service in Hamburg, aimed at improving urban mobility and logistics services.

Volkswagen’s commitment to reshaping transportation is evident in its portfolio, which includes the Transporter, Multivan, Caddy, Crafter, Amarok and the all-electric ID. Buzz. The company’s focus extends to autonomous driving and mobility services, positioning itself as a leader in the future of sustainable and intelligent transportation.

This collaboration with Mobileye, a company renowned for its autonomous driving and driver assistance technologies, marks an important step in Volkswagen’s journey towards offering advanced mobility solutions. The integration of Mobileye technology into Volkswagen vehicles is expected to play a crucial role in meeting transportation challenges and improving the quality of life in cities.

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