Phreesia’s Chief Operating Officer Unloads More Than $610,000 Worth of Company Stock

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Phreesia’s Chief Operating Officer Unloads More Than 0,000 Worth of Company Stock

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In a recent transaction, Evan Roberts, Chief Operating Officer of Phreesia, Inc. (NYSE:), sold a significant number of shares of the company. The sale, which took place on March 21, 2024, involved 25,962 shares at an average price of $23.4848 and 1,000 shares at an average price of $24.4568, bringing a total transaction value in excess of 610,000 $.

The shares were sold in multiple transactions with prices for the largest lot ranging from $23.16 to $24.11, and for the smallest lot from $24.25 to $24.49 per share. These sales were made under a pre-established 10b5-1 trading plan, a tool that allows insiders to sell shares at predetermined times to avoid accusations of trading on non-public information.

After the sale, Roberts still holds a substantial stake in the company, with 728,570 shares remaining in his possession. Phreesia, Inc., headquartered in New York, specializes in healthcare software solutions and is known for its patient intake management platform.

Investors often monitor insider transactions to gain insight into how executives view their company’s financial health and future prospects. While these sales are common and can be driven by a variety of personal financial planning reasons, they are closely monitored because they provide hard data on insider confidence and behavior.

The transaction has been formally filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission, and further details regarding the exact prices of each share sold within the stated range may be provided upon request by the issuer or any stockholder of the issuer, or by SEC staff.

Phreesia, Inc. continues to operate as a key player in the business services industry, with its innovative approach to patient engagement and healthcare facility efficiency.

InvestingPro Insights

Amid the insider trading at Phreesia, Inc. (NYSE:PHR), investors are taking a closer look at the company’s financial metrics to better understand its market position and future potential. According to the latest data from InvestingPro, Phreesia has a market capitalization of approximately $1.3 billion, reflecting its position in the healthcare software sector. Despite notable revenue growth of 26.84% over the trailing twelve months as of Q4 2024, the company is currently unprofitable, with an adjusted P/E ratio of -9.84. This corresponds to one of the Advice InvestPro indicating that analysts do not expect the company to be profitable this year.

The company’s stock price has been on a steep rise, increasing 26.83% over the past six months, which may have influenced the timing of the insider selling. However, the company does not pay dividends to shareholders, suggesting that investors are looking for capital gains rather than income from their investment in Phreesia. The company operates with a moderate level of debt, which is an important factor for investors assessing the risk profile of their investments.

For those wanting a more in-depth analysis, InvestingPro offers additional information and advice that can provide a more comprehensive perspective on Phreesia’s financial health and future prospects. There are several others Advice InvestPro available on the platform, which interested readers can explore using the special promo code PRONEWS24 to benefit from an additional 10% reduction on an annual or biannual Pro and Pro+ subscription.

Investors can also find the InvestPro Fair value estimate of $27.01 USD as a useful reference. This figure is slightly below analysts’ fair value target of US$30, suggesting there could be potential for price appreciation. As the next earnings release date approaches, May 30, 2024, stakeholders will be closely watching whether the company’s growth trajectory aligns with market expectations.

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