Coherent introduces high-performance diode laser for hair removal to the market

Coherent introduces high-performance diode laser for hair removal to the market

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PITTSBURG – Consistent Corp. (NYSE:NYSE:), a major player in the production of high-power diode lasers, announced the release of a new diode laser bar that promises to improve the effectiveness of hair removal treatments. The 808nm laser bar, which operates in a two-junction configuration, is capable of producing 200W of output from just 100A of input current, doubling efficiency compared to previous single-junction bars.

This advancement is expected to provide faster, safer and more effective hair removal procedures while significantly reducing patient discomfort. The new laser bar also provides an easy upgrade opportunity for existing hair removal systems, as it is designed to be compatible with power supplies used in current 100W 808nm bar systems, eliminating the need for replace existing power supply and electronics.

Dr. Karlheinz Gulden, Senior Vice President at Coherent, said the two-junction side-emitting laser represents a substantial advancement in diode laser bar design. He highlighted the company’s extensive experience in multi-junction technology and its reputation for reliability and high-volume production. Coherent plans to begin large-scale production of the new laser by summer 2024.

In addition to hair removal, the features of the new 200W diode laser bar could also allow it to be used in portable devices for home use and could potentially expand its applications to include solid-state pumping, high energy lasers and laser fusion. research.

The Coherent product line for hair removal covers different wavelengths, from 755 nm to 1064 nm, and includes stacked modules, beam delivery systems and other components critical to system development. The company, headquartered in Saxonburg, Pennsylvania, serves a diverse market with innovations in industrial, communications, electronics and instrumentation applications.

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