Sam Adams owner Boston Beer could be in talks to sell: WSJ

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Sam Adams owner Boston Beer could be in talks to sell: WSJ

Shares of Boston Beer Company (SAM) — the brewer of its signature Samuel Adams brand of beer which also merged with Dogfish Head Brewery in 2019 — are blasting off on reports that it is in talks to sell to the Japanese whiskey maker Suntory (2587.T), according to the Wall Street Journal.

Yahoo Finance’s Market Domination reacts to the reports and the performance of Boston Beer Company’s other alcoholic beverage products.

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This post was written by Luke Carberry Mogan.

Video Transcript

Now checking in on some of today’s top trending tickers, Japanese whiskey maker Santori reporting talk to acquire American Brewer.

Boston beer known for its same Adams brand.

Of course, that’s according to a report from the Wall Street Journal.

Uh So this one interesting Julie.

So again, this is per the journal, they say the two parties that kind of categorize this as uh early talks, citing sources, they say possible, nothing actually happens here, maybe not even a transaction.

I don’t see any kind of, I didn’t see any details on pricing.

For example, Boston beer does have a market cap around 3 billion.

But the rationale the journal says, you know, Boston beer obviously give Santori kind of a much bigger foothold here.

Right, exactly.

Santori has already made some acquisitions in the United States, including of Jim Beam whiskey, but Boston beer had a tough go of it, of course.

And as well as being the parent of Sam Adams, it also owns truly hard Seltzer and there’s been kind of a shift in consumer taste for Hard Seltzer or at least an expansion to other types of newer um canned drinks.

Boston beer also makes twisted tea, hard iced tea that I guess has done a little bit better.

Um, but it, it’s sort of floundered along with some of the other craft brewers this year with the shares down about 25% before the pop that we’re now seeing.


How much of this too is just, uh, and the journal kind of goes into this, just tasting preferences, non alcoholics, becoming bigger deal.





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