Popular air fryer brand recalled due to fire hazard

Popular air fryer brand recalled due to fire hazard

The air fryers are being recalled due to safety risks

Cooking dinner has never been easier in the technology era, but it could cost you more than a bit of burnt chicken nuggets if you’re not careful.

Air fryers are the Holy Grail of cooking aids as these little beauties have the ability to minimise your cooking time and produce one of the crispiest coatings you’ll ever have.

They’re small, compact and are honestly a godsend for uni students, busy parents and lazy people like me.

Think your chicken nuggets are worth the risk? Think again!


However, several models are now being recalled by Best Buy after warnings that they could burn users, cause harm by shattered glass or start a fire.

That’s definitely not ideal.

Six models made in China by Insignia were found to be the potential culprits which included a dual basket model, two air fryer ovens and three normal air fryers.

During the investigation, officials said that four air fryers had the ability overheat to the point of causing the handles to melt or break, or even pose as a fire and burn hazard.

The two air fryer ovens mentioned can also overheat, except their handy glass door feature could shatter, causing lacerations to those close to the device if it does in fact break.

If you think you may have a faulty model, submit your evidence and learn how to destroy the device.


Now, if you think it’s just a few in a bunch that are risky to buy, it’s actually around 187,400 which are being recalled in the US, and 99,900 in Canada due to safety concerns.

If your Insignia air fryer is on the list of recalled models, stop using your device and check out here some tips for understanding how to destroy it or submitting your model to Best Buy for refunding.

At this time, Best Buy has received 24 reports of overheating, glass shattering or even melting devices, but thankfully the incidents didn’t cause property damage for users.

Insignia models could potentially shatter and harm users.


Here’s now you can check if you have one of the faulty air fryers:

1) If the brand name INSIGNIA is on the top or front of your unit.

2) If your model number at the bottom of the device is any of the following:

· NS-AF34D2






As always, when you’re using an air fryer you should practice safety precautions such as not leaving it plugged in overnight, keeping the device away from liquids, keeping an eye on it as it cooks and ventilating the area.

If you don’t own one of the six Insignia’s above, enjoy your yummy food with a peace of mind!

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