Gilead Sciences stock jumps on HIV treatment trial success

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Gilead Sciences stock jumps on HIV treatment trial success

Shares of Gilead Sciences (GILD) are rising higher on Thursday as the biopharma company revealed 100% efficacy results for its HIV treatment trial, claiming it’s the first Phase 3 HIV prevention trial ever to show zero Infections.

Market Domination Anchors Josh Lipton and Julie Hyman break down the latest development for Gilead Sciences and what it could mean for the company moving forward

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Video Transcript

Now let’s get to some trending tickers.

First of Gilead Sciences.

The shares of 8% after announcing that it’s experimental twice yearly medicine to prevent HIV demonstrate demonstrated 100% efficacy for the investigation.

Use in cisgender women in Africa, women and adolescent girls.

So the company has some, um, medications on the market already.

Um, but they either are daily oral.

Or perhaps you have to do them as shots every months, so this is less frequent.

So the hope is, is that this will be there will be more uptake of something like this, and it was shown to be quite effective here.

So interesting development.

And obviously the shares are reacting.

Yeah, I. I reached out to Brian Abrams over to R BC because he covers the name.

Here’s what he told his clients.

He said This was, in his opinion, a much needed pipeline when he said, uh more likely, though still needs to break right for the company, particularly on the oncology side and elsewhere.

Beyond HIV to enable a stock more materially re rate, said today’s, uh, data, though, could be a so start, though he he remains neutral for now, Target 74.

Yeah, he I saw another estimate that he that this drug could bring in $1.7 billion or more in annual sales.

It’s interesting because it’s not a vaccine per SE, but it is still preventative.

So a little bit of interesting how they sort of term this, Um, and when you say a much needed pipeline here, the stock is down.

Even with today’s bump, it’s down like 16% year to date, that’s been rough.

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