Elon Musk roasts shareholder group that got rich off Tesla stock — but opposes $56b payday

Elon Musk roasts shareholder group that got rich off Tesla stock — but opposes b payday

Tesla CEO Elon Musk roasted a shareholder group that is opposing his $56 billion pay package yet multiplied their investment due to his leadership.

The California Public Employees’ Retirement System, otherwise known as CalPERS, owned 183,343 shares of Tesla stock in 2018, according to filings. At the time of the 2018-2019 CalPERS Annual Investment Report, Tesla shares traded at just $14.90.

However, Tesla stock has increased in price exponentially since then — by more than 11x. Therefore, CalPERS’ Tesla stake in that investment alone has gone from $40 million to roughly $500 million, and they’re still voting against Musk’s $56 billion pay package.

Musk replied to the fact that CalPERS does not support his pay:

“CalPERS broke the deal. Shame on them, they have no honor.”

CalPERS now owns 6,738,863 shares of Tesla stock, worth roughly $1.7 billion.

Musk’s compensation is among the largest issues on the sheet for the upcoming Tesla Shareholder Meeting. Firms, shareholders, and investment groups alike are all deciding on what they believe is right, with many retail investors hellbent on getting the CEO paid.

This is mostly because the $56 billion pay package was approved by shareholders in 2018.

Earlier this year, the pay package was denied and rejected by a Delaware Chancery Court judge. The move has also encouraged Tesla to leave the State of Delaware completely, with its most likely move to be an incorporation into Texas.

With the vote coming soon, there are so many different points of view on this issue.

We reported this morning that firm Glass Lewis also planned to vote ‘No’ on Musk’s pay package. Other firms are more likely to keep Musk in his position as CEO and leader of Tesla.

Many shareholders believe that because the pay package was already approved once, it should be approved again.

In an attempt to ensure Musk is paid his $56 billion, Tesla is pulling out all the stops to get things moving so that Musk gets paid to avoid his potential departure. It has already used potential factory tours with him and Chief Designer Franz von Holzhausen and other strategies to convince shareholders to vote for the approval.

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