A woman says she won $2m on slots at a casino. But they won’t pay her

A woman says she won m on slots at a casino. But they won’t pay her

A New Jersey woman who said he has won around $2m on the slots in Atlantic City has hit out at the

72-year-old Roney Beal, of New Jersey, made a trip to Bally’s Casino in Atlantic City at the end of February and played a Wheel of Fortune machine.

While Ms Beal was spinning the gambling slot machine, operated by the gaming company International Game Technology, the wheel ended up on the word ‘Jackpot’with a dollar sign, then all of a sudden, she heard the words ‘You’ve won,’ with 3D coins appearing and a blue light going off.

“And it went off, says, ‘you’re a winner,’ and gold coins popped out,” she claimed to 6ABC Action News. “This very nice guy says, ‘Oh my God, you hit, you hit!’ He said, ‘Lady, you’re a millionaire.’ And I’m like, ‘Oh my God!’ “

The jackpot on the machine was more than $1.2m, but she also said she hit the multiplier.

As people in the casino swarmed around Ms Beal to celebrate, she hit the service button, but that is when security also came over to where the celebrations were happening.

Ms Beal’s attorney is preparing a lawsuit against the two companies over the incident (6ABC)

“That’s when the sentences came up ‘tilted’,” she told 6ABC. “When the man came over to talk to me, he said, ‘Lady, get it in your head; you won nothing’,” she claimed.

Ms Beal was told the machine was experiencing a malfunction called a ‘reel tilt,’ which she was told voids the win.

She told The New York Post that when she had hit the call button to summon help, that is when the tilt message had appeared, indicating that the Wheel of Fortune machine was unplayable due to an error or malfunction.

A casino attendant then came over to Ms Bally and opened up the machine and allegedly asked her to ‘spin it off,’ which she refused to do, 6ABC reports.

“He had it rolling real slow. He had it opened, and then he is pushing it,” she added.

The attendant was allegedly hitting different buttons inside the machine, then offered Ms Bally, who thought she had just become a millionaire, a mere £350.

“They fooled with the machine before anybody else had the opportunity to take a look at this,” Ms Beal’s attorney, Mike Di Croce, told the outlet.

Her attorney wants a review of security footage and the machine to handle the dispute (Google Maps)

The attorney is claiming that the casino attendant may possibly have tampered with evidence of the win and is asking for the casino and the machine company who is responsible for the payout, to preserve the machine and casino floor videos for an independent forensic review.

“You invite somebody to your business. They pay the money, they win, and you’re supposed to pay. That didn’t happen,” Mr Di Croce added.

The attorney also told The New York Post that he is preparing a legal complaint against Bally’s casino and the gaming company, International Game Technology for $2.56m because she hit a $1.28m jackpot with a multiplier.

He also plans to file for an additional $1m plus emotional distress claim.

A spokesperson for the casino told the outlet that “Bally’s has no comment on this incident as we’re only the casino who houses the machine.”

“IGT handles the payouts, and would be best to get a comment from at this time,” they added.

An International Game Technology spokesperson told the outlet that it “is cooperating with the casino operator’s investigation of this matter.”

The Independent has contacted Bally’s Casino and International Game Technology for comment.

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