$6000 Two Remaining Social Security Checks in May: Who is Eligible to Receive Payment in Next Two Weeks?

00 Two Remaining Social Security Checks in May: Who is Eligible to Receive Payment in Next Two Weeks?

Nearly 68 million Americans get monthly benefits from Social Security, of which 53 million are retired workers and their dependents. These monthly benefits are meant to assist seniors in meeting their basic necessities and taking pleasure in their retirement. Retirees will get their final benefit payment in coming 3-4 days, according to the Social Security May 2024 Payment Schedule. Here i am talking on Two remaining Social Security checks in May and all the possible payment amounts if you are eligible for the retirement program or want to claim your benefits shortly. 

The SSA still needs to send out a few planned payments this month, totaling more than $6,000 over the course of the next two weeks. A select number of pensioners and SSI beneficiaries who fulfil Social Security May Check 2024 Eligibility Requirements get these monthly payouts. It is noteworthy that the SSA pays out millions of dollars in benefits each month to retirees, survivors, individuals with disabilities, and those who meet the requirements for Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

$6,000 Two Remaining Social Security Checks in May

  • May is when disability benefits are still being paid out. There will be an extra check payable on May 31 even if you got your SSI payment on May 1. This is, in reality, the advance payment due on June 1. Over the weekend, SSI cannot be sent. Thus, on May 31, Social Security will send SSI. However, not all recipients of disability benefits, including those on SSI, received checks in May. Although some people have already received their payment checks in first week of May, there are still two payments to go. 
  • As previously stated, retirees who were born on the 21st and 31st have two more Social Security benefits to receive. Retirement workers will get $1,900 in benefits on average each month, while different payment amounts may be available according on the specific circumstances of each beneficiary. For example, seniors who opted for benefits at age 62, prior to attaining full retirement age (FRA), are eligible to earn a maximum of $2,710. Retired employees who continue to claim benefits until they reach full retirement age (FRA) have an additional choice. Up to $3,822 will be given to these Social Security recipients.

Social Security May Payment 2024 Details

Post TitleTwo remaining Social Security checks in May
Authority NameSSA
Payment NameSSI, SSDI, RSDI
Payment DateMay 2024
Official Websitessa.gov

Who is eligible to get $3,822 from Disability Benefits in May 2024?

  • To be eligible to receive $3,822 from SSDI, four conditions must be fulfilled. Initially, you needed to have an eligible occupations authorized by SSA. If not, you are ineligible to receive SSDI or retirement benefits.
  • You must have worked for 35 years. It is also the same number of years that you need to have reached the taxable limit or the contribution and benefit base. Making a late retirement filing is the final option. If you file early, you won’t receive the full amount.
  • For SSI, the average benefit amount is $699, while for SSDI, it is $1,537. May’s maximum SSI payout is $1,415 for married couples and $943 for single recipients. Your potential SSI payout may increase if your income decreases.

US Government declares May 31 as SSI’s important day

Checks for Social Security benefits may be sent to different US individuals on different days of the month. Furthermore, Social Security and Supplemental Security Income can be received by US citizens in the same month. Accordingly, several recipients may get checks for these kinds of payments. The day of the month you will get a new payment might be noted if you are familiar with the Social Security retirement and SSI May Payment 2024 Schedule.

Who gets the extra SSI on May 31, 2024?

You must have enabled Direct Deposit in order to receive this additional Supplemental Security Income (SSI) payment on May 31, 2024. Besides having the benefit activated beforehand, this is the sole criteria that must be met. You will have to wait a few months until the SSA accepts 100% of your SSI check if it has not been approved till now. If approved, this check should be easy for us to receive. 

Therefore, you may get payments in May on the first and the 31st of the same month provided your Direct Deposit is enabled and your Supplemental Security Income (SSI) application is approved. Most notably, you can receive up to $943 in each payment, meaning you will receive more than $2,000 more in May alone.

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