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Title: Unveiling the Secrets of Launch Jacking: Making Your First $100 Online

Title: Unveiling the Secrets of Launch Jacking: Making Your First 0 Online

Introduction: Recently, one of my subscribers left a comment, prompting me to create a video detailing how I not only made my first $100 online but also scored my initial sale by leveraging Google searches for articles. In this guide, I’ll share an easy method to make money with Google, adding a unique twist using the power of AI to streamline the process.

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Product Research with Muncha.com: The first step in this strategy is conducting product research. Utilize muncha.com, a website that provides insights into upcoming product launches. By exploring the “big launches” section, you can identify products with high potential for profitability. Choose a product that aligns with your interests or niche.

Affiliate Link Acquisition: Once you’ve selected a product, click on its JV page to obtain your affiliate links. Sign up on the relevant affiliate network, such as JVZoo or WarriorPlus, and request approval to promote the chosen product. Include a brief message highlighting your niche and target audience to increase your chances of approval.

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Using AI for Video Script Creation: Now, harness the power of AI with ChatGPT to generate a video script effortlessly. Visit chatbot.com, create an account, and input the article you found through Google search. Ask ChatGPT to create a new video script around the article, and it will generate an introduction, narration segments, and more.

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Recording and Editing: To implement this strategy effectively, you’ll need three essential software tools. Firstly, use bandicam.com for free screen recording to showcase the product. Secondly, download Audacity from audacity.org to enhance the audio quality of your recording. Lastly, employ openshot.org for video editing, enabling you to refine your content, add effects, and create a polished final product.

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Bonus Offer Strategy: To stand out among other affiliate marketers, consider offering bonuses along with the product. Head to fiverr.com, search for “resale,” and invest in bonus materials like free courses and ebooks that you can provide to your audience as an incentive to purchase through your affiliate link.

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YouTube Posting and Promotion: Post your review video on YouTube, ensuring you include your affiliate link in the description. Emphasize the unique bonuses you’re offering to entice potential buyers. Leverage the fact that being among the first to create content on a new product increases your visibility on YouTube, driving free traffic to your review.

Proof of Success: To validate the effectiveness of this strategy, I’ve showcased real examples of product reviews on YouTube, highlighting the quick adoption of this method by others.

Conclusion: By implementing launch jacking with AI, you can significantly accelerate your journey to making your first $100 online. This strategy is versatile and applicable to various product categories, providing you with a lucrative opportunity to capitalize on emerging trends. Get started today, and thank you for supporting my blog post on medium

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