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RobotHub: LUXONIS Pioneering Cloud Platform for Robotic Vision

RobotHub: LUXONIS Pioneering Cloud Platform for Robotic Vision

In the world of robotics and computer vision, LUXONIS has introduced a groundbreaking platform: RobotHub. It’s a powerful cloud control and analytics platform designed to revolutionize how robotic vision applications are set up, applied, and monitored​.

RobotHub User Interface
  1. Remote Monitoring: RobotHub allows for the remote management of OAK cameras, enabling users to check their status and manage applications from anywhere, much like handling apps on a mobile phone.
  2. Live Streaming: Embracing the ease of platforms like YouTube, RobotHub offers real-time video streaming capabilities from OAK cameras directly to your browser​.
  3. Easy App Deployment: Featuring an integrated IDE, RobotHub simplifies in-browser coding of visual apps. Developers can build and deploy production packages directly from the browser, streamlining the app development process​.
  4. Simple Installation and App Store: Installation of OAK cameras is straightforward, requiring just a single command. Additionally, RobotHub hosts a vision app store where developers worldwide can share their apps, available for easy installation with a single click​.
  5. Comprehensive Analytics: RobotHub provides detailed statistics, tracking crucial metrics like CPU, RAM, disk usage, and neural accelerator throughput, all visualized within the system​
  6. Flexibility and Compatibility: RobotHub offers versatile utilization options. It’s not mandatory to use RobotHub’s cloud management with LUXONIS OAK-D users can choose to use its management interface, access via API, or operate the cameras independently​. This flexibility is enhanced by its compatibility with all OAK PoE and USB cameras​

You can use RobotHub in a lot of applications including smart city, health care, retail analytics, sports analytics, smart manufacturing, oil and gas industry, construction site monitoring, aviation and quality inspection.

A significant advantage of RobotHub is its ability to run applications and process detection locally, without necessitating a constant internet connection. It supports synchronization with the cloud when connectivity is available, but can also function entirely offline if needed​.

RobotHub offers a basic plan that is free, providing unlimited robots, 1 GB of storage for detection, 1 GB for apps, and an option for additional storage at a nominal cost​.

RobotHub stands as a testament to LUXONIS’s commitment to advancing robotic vision technology. Its intuitive interface, combined with powerful features and flexible deployment options, makes it an ideal platform for both enthusiasts and professionals in the field of robotics and computer vision.

To Know more about RobotHub, try it here: https://www.luxonis.com/robothub

Please make sure you get an OAK-D Camera from here when trying out the RobotHub.

RobotHub Python Package: pip install robothub-sdk https://pypi.org/project/robothub-sdk/

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