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How to Use This Free AI Tool to Make Money Online With Midjourney Being Paid

How to Use This Free AI Tool to Make Money Online With Midjourney Being Paid

Photo by Jackson Sophat on Unsplash

With Midjourney being switched to paid membership plans, many people are looking for free AI art alternatives. I discovered an incredible new platform called BlueWillow AI that delivers similar or better results completely free.

In this post, I’ll show you how to access Blue Willow and leverage it to make money online through 3 different side hustles. Let’s dive in!

# Accessing BlueWillow AI for Free

First things first, let’s look at how to gain access to Blue Willow’s AI capabilities:

– Go to the Blue Willow website and click “Join the Free Beta”

– This takes you to their Discord server where the magic happens

– Join one of the beginner channels and explore generated images

– To submit a prompt, use /imagine followed by your detailed description

I find BlueWillow’s image generation speed and quality matches if not exceeds Midjourney, plus it’s 100% free during the beta period. Definitely worth checking out!

Photo by Ben Sweet on Unsplash

# Creating AI Art with BlueWillow

When creating AI images, provide as much detail as possible. For example:

– A strong boy with a sword in a magical forest

– Ultra realistic, extreme details, hyperrealistic, 4K

After a few moments, Blue Willow generates multiple AI images. Pick your favorite, upscale it, then download the high-res version.

The results are mind-blowingly lifelike! Now let’s look at 3 ways to monetize this AI art.

# Side Hustle #1: Sell YouTube Thumbnails

Unique AI art makes for eye-catching YouTube thumbnails. Many channels pay good money for custom designs.

For example, one channel uses AI thumbnails and earns $14k/month!

Use Blue Willow to create thumbnail sketches for niche channels. Sell each for $10-$50 based on the channel size.

Passive income from simply generating aesthetic art.

# Side Hustle #2: ChatGPT Articles with AI Images

Another option is creating articles with ChatGPT and enhancing them with Blue Willow images.

Prompt ChatGPT to write a post about “10 Ways to Make Money Online” for example.

Use Blue Willow to generate related art like a laptop with money.

Combine the AI content and images into compelling articles and publish them on a popular blogging platform.

Insert affiliate links within the article text to earn commissions when readers click and purchase.

Photo by Werclive 👹 on Unsplash

# Side Hustle #3: Print-on-Demand AI Art

Finally, you can sell your AI designs on print-on-demand products.

Upload your images to platforms like Teespring. Add text with graphic design tools.

Sell clothing, mugs, phone cases and more featuring your AI artworks.

Earn royalties when anyone buys a product with your design. Completely passive!

# Start Monetizing AI Art Today

I hope this overview gets you excited about the money-making potential with free AI art generators like Blue Willow!

The key is turning dynamic AI images into products, services and content people happily pay for.

Don’t let paid AI plans stop you from benefiting from this technology. With Blue Willow, anyone accesses powerful AI art for free.

Try it out for yourself and explore creative ways to generate income from AI images. The possibilities are endless!

Let me know if you have any other questions. I look forward to seeing the unique AI art and businesses you build. The future is now!

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