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Creating Viral AI Cover Songs Quickly with Voicify AI

Creating Viral AI Cover Songs Quickly with Voicify AI

The fusion of artificial intelligence and music marks a new era in the evolution of musical creation. From the early days of traditional instruments to the digital age of synthesizers and software, music has continually transformed. AI is the latest milestone in this journey, redefining the creative process in music. This article delves into creating viral AI cover songs using Voicify AI.

Understanding Voicify AI

The Mechanism Behind Voicify AI

  • Core Technology: Voicify AI is powered by deep learning algorithms that analyze vocal samples to create digital representations, capturing timbre, pitch, and accent.
  • User Interaction: Users input text, which is transformed into natural-sounding speech audio, downloadable as MP3 files.

The Expansive Voicify AI Voice Library

  • Diverse Collection: The library includes voices from various domains like music, cartoons, anime, and more.
  • Multilingual Support: Offers voices in languages like German, Korean, French, and Italian.

Custom AI Voice Models

  • Personalization: Users can create custom AI voice models using their own vocal files, processed within 1–6 hours.

Getting Started With Voicify AI

  1. Visit the Website: Access the Voicify AI platform online.
  2. Sign Up: Create an account using email and password or Google sign-in.
voicify ai website

Choosing a Voice Model

  1. Access AI Models: Go to the ‘AI Models’ page.
  2. Explore Voice Options: Discover AI voice models of popular artists and celebrities.
  3. Select a Voice: Pick a voice matching your song’s style and tone.

Uploading Your Song

  1. Upload or Link: Use a song file or a YouTube link.
  2. Customization: Change pitch, add effects, and extract vocals.
  3. Conversion Time: Typically takes 30 seconds to a minute.
voicify ai model of song cover

Finalizing and Sharing

  1. Download Options: Download the AI music cover, a cappella, or instrumental version.
  2. Video Creation: Create a video for the AI cover song with options for vertical or horizontal format.
  3. Listen and Share: Share your creations and explore different combinations.
voicify ai download options

Comprehensive Pricing Plans

  • Credits Plan: $7.99/month for 25 credits with rollover.
  • Creator Plan: $24.99/month for unlimited generation credits.
  • Power User Plan: $89.99/month for early feature access.
voicify ai pricing

Try Voicify AI

Watch also our Voicify AI Youtube video tutorial:


Voicify AI stands as a leader in AI voice cloning technology, offering advanced features for a wide range of users. Its user-friendly interface and cutting-edge capabilities make it an ideal choice for exploring AI-generated audio. As technology progresses, Voicify AI continues to push the boundaries of digital voice cloning, heralding an exciting future in synthetic audio creation.

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