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ChatGPT Helped Me To Find Free Money

ChatGPT Helped Me To Find Free Money

So, I asked ChatGPT to find me FREE Money & I was disappointed by its reply.

Instead of suggesting ideas, ChatGpt turned to advise me about scams.

ChatGPT Dashboard

But I didn’t give up.

I spent a lot of time thinking about how I could make money using ChatGpt.

It took a lot of deep thinking but I had 3 Ideas:

  • Become a Prompt Engineer & Offer my High Ticket Services on LinkedIn
  • Write High Quality Ebooks and Sell On Amazon KDP
  • Start Launch Jacking Affiliate Marketing

These were all high level ideas & I still have plans to make them work.

But to see if they ChatGpt could really make me money, I decided to start with Launch Jacking.

Now Launch Jacking is an Affiliate Marketing Strategy that is quite interesting to even think about.

My job would be, to be on the lookout for new ebooks, courses, and programs with an Affiliate program in a desired Niche.

And once they launch, I’d get to work & start promoting the fresh new product.

Photo by Firmbee.com on Unsplash

Why was this even a profitable idea in the first place?

The great thing about launches is that the product owners will do almost all the work for us.

They advertise, show up on podcasts, and do everything to make people excited about their products.

When the big moment comes and they finally reveal the product, that’s when we, the affiliates, kick into gear.

So potential buyers are intrigued by all the hype & start to think of buying the product but there’s a BUT.

  • What if it’s a scam?
  • What if it’s overated?
  • What if they are about to waste their hard earned money?

Just like we all do, they go over to Google and YouTube to find reviews, especially from regular people who’ve actually used the product.

And this is the part of the story where we come in.

We’ll use ChatGpt to write reviews that show up first on Google when people search for them.

If we do a great job at convincing buyers that they’re making the right choice, we can earn money through affiliate commissions from the product owner.

But, before you get all excited, there’s a catch.

To make sure our reviews rank high on Google, we need to either:

  • Start a YouTube channel
  • Or Find a way to rank on Google.

I have a YouTube channel with around 672 Subscribers but I wasn’t about to bore my viewers with reviews they didn’t care about.

So I had to think harder.

How was I going to get my reviews to show up on Google?

I had two options:

  • Start a Blog
  • Or Find High Authority Websites to Create Articles on.

Blogging was a no-go for me.

Because while having a blog sounds exciting, there’s a hidden downside.

I once ran a blog called ProAgencySpot.com. After pouring two years of hard work into it, I was only getting about 2.8k visitors each month and making just $100.

Now, you might think $100 is pretty good, but don’t be fooled.

Behind the scenes, I had to spend at least 5 hours every day writing and optimizing my articles to get them ranked by Google.

And Trust me, it wasn’t any fun. So what was I going to do?

By elimination, my best remaining option was to write for High Authority Websites.

These are Websites that allow writers or to be precise AI Assisted Writers like you & and perhaps even me, to create content and create a mini blog for free.

  • Medium.com (And no! I didn’t use my Medium Page for reviews).
  • LinkedIn.com
  • Vocal.media
  • Quora.com
  • Nairaland.com

The thing about these websites is that Google really loves them.

In other words, articles you post on these websites have a tendency to show up on Google & that is what we want right?

Here are some people who have tried this exact strategy & now have their review Articles sitting at the top of Google.

Google Search Results

Okay, no more fancy screenshots. Let’s get straight to how you can get started with Launch Jacking.

This is the easy part.

Go to muncheye.com. There, You’ll see a list of products that are about to launch.

They cover all sorts of things, from software to books and courses.

If you have a particular interest, you can filter the list by choosing a category that fits.

Munch Eye’s Home Page

Then, Click on any launch that looks promising to get more details.

You’ll find info about when it’s launching, what the product is, and where to find it & join the launch as an affiliate.

The cool thing about LaunchJacking is that MunchEye adds loads of new launches every day.

If you do it right, this could become a big deal, and you could make money from multiple products all at once.

Most of the launches will have their affiliate programs hosted on Warriorplus & JVZoo.

You can always email the product owner, if their product isn’t on Warriorplus & Jvzoo.

So sign up for a free affiliate account on these marketplaces.

Warriorplus Sign Up Page

Now, once you’re in, find that launch you’re excited about and ask for access.

Here’s a tip: tell the product owners how you plan to promote their product.

This will increase your chances of getting approved to become an affiliate.

Once they say yes, you’ll have your very own special affiliate link to start promoting.

For this challenge, I chose LinkedIn, but feel free to pick the platform that suits your preference.

Now it’s time for ChatGpt to do its part.

Here’s a simple prompt that’ll help you create high quality articles with ChatGpt,

“Hey ChatGpt, I plan on starting an Affiliate Marketing review website for newly launched products, Write the outline for my article on ( Add the PRODUCT NAME), it’s a (Add Details about the product).

ChatGPT Dashboard

ChatGPT Dashboard

After ChatGpt generates the outline, ask it to write extensively on each content of the outline.

The more descriptive the details you provide of the product, the more specific & high quality the output will be.

But here’s the trick: when ChatGPT gives you an article, don’t just copy and paste it.

We need to make it Google-friendly by adding our target keyword in the title, headers, and throughout the article.

This helps Google know that we’re reviewing & talking about the product we want to rank as a review for.

In a nutshell, you’ll need to learn how to use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to get Google to index your Articles.

Google works based on Authority.

The higher the Authority of a website, the more the articles will be to rank on Google.

So by Launch Jacking, we:

  • Will be leveraging high Authority Websites that Google already loves, instead of starting from scratch.
  • Won’t have to worry about competing with the big websites for the first page since we’ll only be going after new and trendy products.

We’re like the early birds, and that’s a pretty neat spot to be in.

I found 3 products that were launching & wrote review articles on LinkedIn.

The products were trendy AI Software tools.

After just two weeks, I started showing up in search results, and by the third week, I made my first sale for $19.

I currently have 7 referrals who might become customers soon.

I want you to know that Affiliate Marketing isn’t some scam.

It all depends on how you do it. With a good plan and strategy, you can totally make this business work for you.

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