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Are You Threatened By AI? Just Be Better Than The Bots!

Are You Threatened By AI? Just Be Better Than The Bots!

Human writers must up our game

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Some Medium writers feel annoyed by the presence of AI generated content on the platform, but there’s no point feeling stressed or angry about it. AI is here to stay. Medium couldn’t ban it, even if they wanted to, because tools to identify AI are prone to error and false positives.

People get it wrong, too. A story I wrote decades ago was challenged by an AI vigilante on Medium. I can prove I wrote it for a magazine, long before ChatGPT even existed, because I’ve still got the magazine.

Rather than trying to ban AI, Medium is focusing on human storytelling and quality writing. So, don’t get angry about AI generated stories. Instead, direct your energy into being better than AI, so there’s no real competition.

A recent commentator on the subject summed the current situation up perfectly!

AI soon will be smarter and better (than humans). Many human writers write crap. I have to really look for good stuff (on Medium). Most is BS (bullshit). Of course, AI is BS for now but it will create better stuff than most of the writers (in the future).

This is a real issue on Medium. Some humans do produce poor quality content. Some churn pieces out quickly and focus on volume.

Others rely on engagement instead of focusing on quality. It’s an approach that can pay off because it drives the community aspect of the platform and garners a feeling of mutual support. But is engagement at the expense of quality really the best approach?

We should be able to deliver quality and still enjoy the community. If we’re struggling, perhaps we should slow down our publishing schedule or engage a little less!

Arguably, some AI-generated content is better than low-quality human writing. But AI does lack humour and personality. It’s often boring and without spark.

Meanwhile, even the worst human writing might provide some entertainment value! So, there’s plenty of opportunity for humans to be better than AI!

Plenty of opportunity for humans to be better!

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