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AI and GenAI dominate the business landscape in 2024?

AI and GenAI dominate the business landscape in 2024?

But before we jump to 2024, let’s review what AI brought us in 2023.

In 2023, AI and Generative AI (GenAI) reached new heights with significant advancements and widespread adoption.
Breakthroughs in language models and generative technology boosted AI applications, capturing interest and sparking creativity.

Personally, some killer AI tools really juiced up my productivity game include

1. ChatGPT/GPT-4,
2. Google’s Gemini/Bard,
3. Microsoft Bing Chat.

AI transformed businesses in customer service, healthcare, and other industries.

Now, let’s dive into 2024.-

In 2024, the emphasis is on enhancing AI Multimodal technologies for better complex interactions and performance.

Some standout multimodal examples include:

1. Improved Decision-Making (holistic data analysis )
2. Enhanced User Interaction (such as voice, text, and visual inputs)
3. Diverse Input Integration (including text, images, video, and audio.)

Here are my predictions for AI and GenAI in 2024:

1. Multimodal AI — ( Will boost efficiency across various industries.)

2. Generative AI Multimodal — ( blends video, music, images, voice, and text modes.)

3. AI-enabled assistants / Chatbots / AI Agents: (**By 2024, most will have an AI assistant.)

4. AI Marketplaces — ( AI is set to revolutionize marketplaces, with platforms like Fiverr, Preply, Upwork, Cambly, etc., at the forefront of the revolution. )

5. Real-time moderation ( in corporate sessions will save time and money.)

6. AI applications — ( will surpass their predecessors in speed, agility, and customization.)

7. Deep Fakes — are set to flood the 2024 US elections.

8. Responsible AI: 2024 will be the year of responsible AI.

9. AI App Stores — In 2024, AI’s shift to the application layer will spawn thousands of AI apps, akin to the mobile app boom a decade ago.

10. Open source models — will remain at the forefront, driving broader adoption of generative AI.

11. Work Productivity: AI will significantly enhance work productivity on a large scale.

In 2024, AI dominates businesses, driving efficiency, automation, and data-driven decisions. Generation AI, born into AI integration, leads innovation, transforming industries.

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